Saga of Samuel: Old Things Page 18

Saga of Samuel: Old Things Page 18

samuel page 18 The newest page of Old Things is here to party like it’s 1999. Click the pic to take you there.

In other news:

1.) Two episodes in and so far I’m enjoying the new Star Wars cartoon Rebels. Between that show and the Star Wars Black 6′ figure line I’m hoping it’s ok to like Star Wars again. Like maybe Disney can right all of Lucas’s wrongs. We’ll see. I think it’s all going to depend on Star Wars…

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I made a book!

I made a book!

So, when I’m not making The Saga of Samuel, one of my primary artistic endeavors is making Heroes of the Bible coloring pages. I asked for some feedback from those that have bought the coloring pages over the years and the general consensus was that my pages were good for older kids but they’d like to see something for younger kids. So I made up some ABC’s of the Bible coloring pagesand I thought…

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Ye olde Update Post

Ye olde Update Post

So, right now I’m working on making a book out of my ABC’s of the Bible coloring pages. Once I’m done coloring them all in, I have to figure out how self-publishing works. There are lots of options but I’m not sure which is best. Here’s some of the colored images, still have to add text obviously.

A is for AdamP is for PeterT is for Ten

The next page of Samuel is being worked on as well and that’ll move along faster once I get this…

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